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tv   Channel 13 News at Four  NBC  November 6, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm CST

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blue skies downtown today good afternoon ... i'm sonya heitshusen. .and i'm dan winters ... thanks
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another conservative conference attracted the attention of republican presidential candidates in des moines today. the national reglious liberities conference is taking place right
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now at the iowa events center. jodi whitworth joins us live with more on what two candidates had to say this morning. three presidential candiates spoke at todays religious freedom conference — governors bobby jindal and mike hackabee.. as well as senator ted cruz. all echoing each other... saying peoples religious beliefs are under attack due to the governements control... 300810 - the hope in america is not to grow up and have the government take care of you. the hope in america is to have the opportunity to raise your own kids according to your own beliefs the candidates each spoke for about 10 mintues each to a crowd of couple hundred convservative voters. jindals stance on the democrats amendment right gained the most appaulse. while, huckabee told the crowd the governemnt takes away religious freedoms... all other freedoms will follow. a cnn poll released today shows jindal with 4 percent in iowa and huckbee with two percent. it was also announced today, huckabee will not be included in the prime time debate next tuesday.
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he doesnt have enough voter support and will instead take part in the pre - show debate. ... 000406 - i will go and fight the fight on the debate stage im going to be on. ive been knocked down before and so have a lot of american people now as we speak , ted cruz is taking the stage. well have more on his speach coming up in the news at 5. the candidates weren't the only ones attendees at today's conference came to hear. a list of speakers offered ideas on preserving religious liberties. 'dont have the ability to pray in public places as in football fields, not able to pray in city council meetings, not able to put
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christmas displays up in homes, and such,you have sort of a rising opposition to christians.' 16-hundred people from around for this swanson told the group religious liberties is not national level..but at the local level. audience members say the message was well received. "its good its encouraging to see this many people gathered together, kind of a shot in the arm to know that were not alone." another conference tomorrow in des moines will offer a different take on freedom of religion... we dont believe that religious liberty should be used as a weapon, against anyone, it shouldnt be used to discriminate against anyone, it is the freedom for and the freedom
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americas first freedom 2015" take place tomorrow at the state historical building from ten to noon. the conference kicked off a busy weekend... and week ahead ... for presidential candidates in iowa. lynn melling has a look at who's coming and going. another busy week is on the way in iowa... heres where you can catch them between now and next friday: tomorrow, republican bobby jindal will make appearances in waukee in the morning and guthrie center in the afternoon. and democrat martin omalley will be in burlington and wapello in the afternoon and cedar rapids in the evening. and next week.. republican jeb bush will bring his so-called 'comeback tour' to iowa.. along with his new slogan 'jeb can fix it.' hell be here in wednesday... which is veterans day... and attend events in johnston, atlantic and waukee. his campaign is on life support at the moment, with campaign donors losing faith in his ability to break ahead of the pack. and a week from today, next friday, republican cris christie will
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make an appearance in nevada. that will be several days after the fourth g-o-p debate on tuesday. christie and mike huckabee have been bumped from the main, prime time stage, to the undercard debate. a big blow to their campaigns. candidates are trying to cover as much ground here in iowa as possible, as the clock ticks down to caucus night. a new poll gives us an updated perspective on the presidential race here. the c-n-n poll of iowa voters shows donald trump is back in the lead ... with a two point advantage over ben carson. marco rubio and ted cruz round out the top four. jeb bush in 5th ... carly fiorina and bobby jindal tied for 6th ... and chris christie in 8th. ninth place is a four way tie between lindsey graham, mike huckabee, john kasich and rand paul. george pataki and rick santorum received zero support. on the democratic side c-n-n shows hillary clinton's lead at just 18- points ... much smaller than
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other polls we've seen over the last two weeks. another reminder about that major news we announced yesterday at four. two weeks from now we will host a series of "iowa forums" featuring presidential candidates ben carson, bobby jindal and donald trump. we are asking you to submit questions for the candidates. you can find out more information on how to do that ... and on how to get tickets to participate in the forums ... right now at w-h-o-t-v-dot-com. police are looking for the suspect who shot up a house and a car this morning. it happened after 1:30 a-m in the 1200 block of flimore. investigators found five shell casings in the alley behind the house and several bullet fragments inside the home...the bullets damaged windows, walls, chairs and a 1969 el camino. nobody was hurt. nobody is willing to talk about another shooting that happened at around nine last night. des moines police say they are having trouble finding cooperative witnesses to a shooting that injured a man. he suffered a non life-threatening
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a major announcement today from the iowa department of agriculture ... all 72 farms shut down by the avian flu earlier this year are now free to re-stock with birds. producers at every farm where the flu was confirmed were forced to kill off their flocks ... disinfect all of the facilities ... then wait 21 days to ensure other outbreaks weren't reported nearby. this week the final farms finally reached the end of that waiting period. more than 31-million chickens, turkeys and ducks were euthanized in iowa during the outbreak last spring and summer. iowa was the hardest hit state. the economic impact of the outbreak can be seen in egg and poultry prices at grocery stores. agriculture officials remain vigilant in hopes the fall migration of birds doesn't trigger another outbreak. next week we all pause to do something we should do every day ... honor our veterans. today dmacc in newton held a special event ahead of veterans day ... coming up next ... find out how the stories and memories of iowa veterans are being preserved for
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future generations. and ballet des moines is being offered an amazing gift, but with strings attached. we'll talk with the ballet's artistic director about how you can help them cut those strings. capturing the stories of our
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capturing the stories of our
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effort right here in central iowa benefiting the entire country. for the second year, the d-macc campus in newton is working to archive iowa veterans' stories as part of a national history project. the veterans history project wants as many world war two soldier's voices heard as possible... before they can no longer speak. reid chandler has this story. carl wilson :12-:16 ziegler - :51-1:00 judy wilson - 1:12-1:16 carl wilson of monroe served in the u-s navy during world war two... that was seventy years ago...but today, he's recounting as much of it as he can. "then you'd plunge back down, and water would run up on the decks, and stuff." - carl wilson, monroe wilson is one of fifteen world war two vets telling their stories to iowa court reporters at d- macc's newton campus today. the veterans history project aims to bring these stories to a permanent home in the library of congress. "the purpose is to get the veteran's stories." - patti ziegler - dmacc at newton "we've tried to capture in these events on our campus is world war ii veterans, because we know those stories are being lost." patti
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ziegler - dmacc at newton ziegler says the clock is ticking for world war two vets, who are approaching their nineties. getting those personal accounts with unique perspective adds color to what's already in our history books. "they're deep, they're rich stories, because they tell what really went on during their time in the service. a wide variety of experiences; sometimes they've never told those stories." patti ziegler - dmacc at newton for wilson's wife, judy, even after 62 years of marriage, there's a new story to hear every time he shares. "in listening to his stories, i find out more each time he tells them of his stories. so i keep learning new things about my husband after all these years." - judy wilson, monroe wilson will turn 89 after the new year.... but some of these stories will never get old. "i guess 70 years goes by pretty fast." - carl wilson, monroe in newton, reid chandler, channel 13 news. the d-macc newton campus plans to hold another round with more world war two vets next year... in future years, they plan to move
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ad lib main weather coming up next ... sonya sits
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay,
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and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. des moines to share an
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coming up next ... sonya sits down with the artistic director of ballet des moines to share an interesting story about a mysterious gift being offered to the company ... just in time for "the nutcracker" season ... ballet
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hey, is that it? i think that's it. oh!
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go amanda! we love you! thank you so much. if you think there's no solution to the climate crisis, think again. in iowa, wind energy is already producing enough power for over a million homes, reducing our dependence on foreign oil and supporting six thousand jobs.
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i'm tom steyer. with bold leadership and an endless supply of wind and sun, we can do that across america. the goal is 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? magical gift. however that gift could be just a dream without your help. joining us now with details on this mysterious gift and the strings that come attached is serkan usta ... artistic director for ballet des moines.
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the keystone pipeline is dead ... for now. find out how president obama finally acted on the billion dollar deal ... and how it could still resurface in the future. the investigation into an illinois police officer's
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staged as an ambush, digs up more dirt on lieutenant charles gliniewicz.. what he planned to do to stop a city leader from exposing his embezzlement scheme... and the members of his family now under investigation. and it should be a beautiful night for the final outdoor high school games of the year. we'll take you to the sight of our final big game before the playoffs head indoors to the uni-dome. news at four front door forget the keystone least until 2017 president obama, today, rejected the canadian application to build that controversial thousand-mile conduit to bring cheap but dirty crude oil across america. reaction on both sides was swift. steve handelsman has the story from the white house tape/ anthony swift, natural resources defense council :29-:38 tape/ chris christie presidential candidate 1:04-
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presidential candidate 1:10-1:14 announcing his answer is no to the keystone pipeline ... president obama said that keeps america in the lead in the fight against global warming. sot: president obama :09-:13"if we wanna prevent the worse effects of climate change before it's too late, the time to act is now" sot: president obama "right here, right now" it took him 7 years to decide on the pipe ...that's already partly built ... from canada to the gulf. it would have carried dirty tar sands oil to refineries environmentalists like anthony swift are overjoyed sot: anthony swift, natural resources defense council :29-:38 "tar sands is the bottom of the barrel the most carbon intensive crude in the world. building a pipeline that would enable expansion of that source would certainly set the wrong signal" backers claim keystone would deliver lower fuel prices and thousands of jobs to build the pipe. did that already, said mr obama. sot: president obama :48-:51"we've gone ahead and created jobs and lowered gas prices" gasoline is near 2 bucks a gallon... less demand. more us production grafik jobs/october unemployment 5% --best in 7 years-- and today's jobs numbers are the best in 7 years. hillary clinton and bernie sanders agree. don't finish keystone. the republicans running for president .... sot: chris christie presidential candidate 1:04- 1:08"it's a slap in the face to our friends in the north and it's stupid
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energy policy" oppose the obama move sot: donald trump presidential candidate 1:10- 1:14"we all agree the keystone pipeline - i mean many people think we should approve it. thousands of jobs, etcetera etcetera aides say president obama will use his no to urge other nations to take bolder steps as republicans vow to keep pushing the keystone pipeline i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. the president plans to pressure world leader to follow his lead and do more next month at the u-n climate conference in paris. in an abrupt reversal russia suspended all of its flights to and from egypt today ... as the investigation into the explosion of a russian jet last week continues. in addition... a number of international carriers are only allowing passengers to bring carry-on luggage. n-b-c's bill neely has the story. there is some shock here at the russian decision, not least among the 50- thousand russian tourists who are here at sharm el-sheikh. remember for the past six days russia has been saying it's too early to say how this crash happened, leave it to the investigators and pouring cold water over the theory that a bomb may have brought down this plane.
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but even in moscow actions speak louder than words. it was the head of the fsb, russia's intelligence service, who recommended that all russian flights to egypt should stop, a recommendation accepted by russia' president putin. but obviously russia giving the strongest indication yet that it believes a bomb is a plausible theory. if it was a bomb, isis planted it on that russian plane because of russian air strikes in syria. and there are indications that the egyptian authorities too may be coming to the conclusion that it is worth saying that a bomb is the most plausible theory. on cam but again we have to stress technical fault has not been ruled out by anyone as a possible cause of this crash. back to you. the u-s has announced new
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airports as well. they include expanded screenings on commercial jets at international airports where flights originate for u-s destinations. it already sounded like the plot of a hollywood movie... and now more evidence and allegations have surfaced in the case of the illinois police officer who investigators say, rigged his suicide to appear to be a murder. nbc's john yang explains. this morning yet another bizarre twist to the story of lieutenant charles j. gliniewicz... sot anne marrin / fox lake village administrator "it's very unsettling." investigators say he may have wanted to rub out village administrator anne marrin. sot anne marrin / fox lake village administrator :14-:20 "it's no surprise he would go to great lengths to keep secret his criminal activity secret and ongoing" he contacted someone he knew by facebook messenger: graphic: "close to entertaining a meeting with a mutual acquaintance..." s/ detective chris covelli / lake county sheriff dept. :28-:37 "the third party, she told us that it was for, he had contacted her to
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reach out to the high level motorcycle gang member for a hit. the gang member denied any involvement and investigators consider the matter closed. marrin was going expose his seven-year explorer program he ran. on august 31st, gliniewicz texted: "she has now demanded a complete inventory of exploder central and a financial said, glen- uh-witz emailed her promising to provide information by 1 pm. nats - helicopter nats instead, at 8:09 am, fellow officers found him dead in what investigators now say was a carefully staged suicide. nat: "send everyone you can. officer down." new details from his personnel file, obtained thursday night, listing numerous complaints fellow officer made against him, including. -- inappropriate sexual behavior -- using his squad car for a family vacation and -- letting members of the explorers youth program operate department vehicles as the investigation deepens into a case some say has turned a hero
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cop... into a village villan. by the way that youth program will not be a victim of all of this: village officials say two new officers have stepped up to it take over. john yang nbc news fox lake, illinois police say they expect more details ... and possibly more surprises ... to come out on this story as the investigation continues. the force is strong with a texas man whose dieing wish was granted yesterday. 32-year old daniel fleetwood is a lifelong star wars fan who is losing a battle with cancer. doctors told him this summer he has just months to live ... and likely won't make it until christmas when the next star wars film is released in theaters. so his wife started an online campaign to allow him to screen the movie early. that campaign worked. yesterday disney and director
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j-j abrams delivered an unedited version of the film to fleetwood at his home. "star wars - the force awakens", comes out december 18th. the latest jobs numbers are in ... and they are better than anyone the latest jobs numbers are in
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expected. the department of labor says there's a significant drop in unemployment.. and a surge in what employees are getting paid.. jay gray has a closer look at what it means and how much the holidays may play into the trend.. nats the sales have already started.. and now the holiday rush is on.. behind the counter as well.. "we're hiring more than a hundred thousand seasonal
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employees across the country in order to meet an increase in customer demand.." walmart and other big-box retailers are doing the same -- many offering "perks" to make sure they can saff stores for the holidays.. new jobs numbers released today show the unemployment rate has dropped to a seven year low of 5-percent.. "it is a broader gain in jobs than just a seasonal factor." and those new employees are making more money - average hourly earnings, jumped 9 cents an hour, representing an annualized gain of 2.5 percent. "that combination is good for personal income, and good for consumer confidence." strong consumer confidence has been helped in part by lower gas prices.. and a surge in the stock market.. other data indicates americans boosted their spending at a healthy 3.2 percecet annual pace.. these are all bellwethers of an economy that's moving in the right direction.. i still think there slack in this market. i still think we can do even better. analysts also say the surprising numbers and overall confidence in the economy will likely push the fed
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to raise interest rates for the first time in almost a decade - when policy makers meet in mid-december.. jay gray - nbc news. retailers aren't the only ones getting into an early holiday spirit. today the rockefeller center christmas tree arrived in new york city. the 78-foot tall evergreen will be erected and decorated over the next few weeks. it won't be lit until december 2nd. ad lib main weather coming up next ... we say goodbye to outdoor high school
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coming up next ... we say goodbye to outdoor high school football for
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another year. we have a live report on the final football friday before things
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tonight the final outdoplayed. by tomorrow morning all of the tickets to the uni-dome will be punched. the football playoff quarterfinals kickoff just a few hours from now. the winners head indoors to the unidome next week... the losers head home. the johnston dragons and valley
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tigers both know the stakes in tonight's big game ... john sears joins us live from johnston with a preview. once again we'll keep you up to date on all the scores tonight ... on your
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tigers both know the stakes in tonight's big game ... john sears joins us live from johnston with a preew. we'll be back in three minutes
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thanks for joining us on the channel 13 news at four ... the news at five starts right now. 12:41:47-12:41:49 'a lot of damage done for 5 bullets.' caught in gunfire... a des moines couples says bullets went flying through its home last night. what they say happened...and the good samaritan helping to fix the damage. quarantine lifted... iowa's commercial poultry farms are cleared to get back to business. how many have been watching and waiting for this day...and why officials say the threat for an outbreak isn't gone just yet. nats of sirens :04 on the run... multiple agencies chased a suspect on a rural pursuit with speeds reaching over 100 miles per hour. why officials say he ran... and how officers ended the chase safely. police are searching for leads after a shooting left bullets in
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an east des moines home... good evening...and thank you for joining us. i'm dan winters... i'm sonya heitshusen. thank you for joining us... des moines police are investigating the cause of a shooting in the 12- hundred block of filmore street... fortunately no one was injured. our justin surrency spoke to the couple who was inside when the gunfire began... he joins us first on 13 with more... justin? jeff garretto and kelly o'bryan have lived in the capital park neighborhood over two decades...they say what occurred overnight left them in shock and disbelief... "came in here sat down and it wasn't but 30 seconds before i heard 5 loud cracks of high caliber gun" "the bullets came clear into my house, went through walls and busted things on my buffet." police say they responded around 1:40 this morning to 12-17 filmore after a shooting targeting a home in the area...they found 5 shell casings in the alley behind the home and several bullet fragments inside...bullet holes
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still remained throughout both
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